The Return of Gabriel


Emma has not seen her father Gabriel for the past 10 years. One morning, she receives a call that Gabriel has been released from prison after serving a sentence for the accidental killing of Emma’s mother. Emma knows that Gabriel will look her up and feels conflicted about a possible rendezvous. Yet Emma never got an apology from her father, or even an explanation for his action, and sees an opportunity to finally confront him. But when Gabriel shows up, their meeting is not what Emma expected.


But was there really a meeting between father and daughter? Or is it just a figment of Emma’s imagination,  a desire on her part to deal with a traumatic event from the past?

Writer | Director

Writer | Director

P. Fuladian - Dahl


Cinematographer                   Nyssa Glück

Production Designer              Christine Urquhart

Costume                                   Ruth Albertyn

Film Editor                                P. Fuladian - Dahl

Composer                                 Phil Mahoney

Casting                                      Krista Jang

Script Editor                             Soni Jorgensen

Produced with financial support from

Canada Council for the Arts


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