Conrad becomes a captive of his quest and has to destroy what he is looking for in order to
become free.

A ruthless arms dealer, Conrad Wieth is about to retire when he is
commissioned to hunt down the highly prized bones of Peking man.
Conrad is unfazed by the mystique surrounding the bones, including the
spell that they cast on those who seek to conceal them.
Conrad’s quest brings him to the gates of Villa Calibano in Tuscany,
a mansion housing the reclusive descendants of the late General Pier
Francesco Calibano. A hero of the Pacific wars and an ardent fascist
to the end of his days, the General lived an insular life and died  a
mysterious death.

Conrad realizes that Villa Calibano is shrouded in mystery: why was
the late General terrified of mirrors? Why did the General’s wife and
granddaughter vanish without a trace? Who is the lingering figure in the
tower of the Villa?

While investigating the location of the bones, Conrad comes face-to-face
with the tragedies that have befallen the House of Calibano for
generations. Exploring the secrets of the family prompts Conrad to
believe that there is indeed a curse at work. But can Conrad destroy what
he came looking for in order to free everyone from their affliction?

Freely adapted from the Danish novel Næsten levende/Almost Alive by Liv Mørk.

Developed at AdaptLab - Torino Film Lab

Script editor: Isabel Fauvel, Initiative Films


Status: Treatment

Pending renewal of option