Hungerkonstnären / The Hunger Artist (2014)





Producers:           Maria Stoianova,  P. Fuladian - Dahl

DoP:                               Natascha Thiara Rydvald, DFF

Editor:                                                 Selina Håkansson

Production Design:                                    Tina Nielsen

Sound:                                                     Tahu Parkinson

                                                        Christian Rosenberg

Make-up and Costumes:                  Sandra Haraldsen

Music:                                                            Rick Hyslop


Cast:                                                   Alexander Ohakas

                                                                            Elin Rusk

                                                                 Philip Skarman

                                                                Anders Larsson

                                                                     Babrak Khan

                                                                        André Dahl

                                                                        Calvin Dahl

                                                                Johanna Axerup

                                                                  Tony Lundgren



















Writer/Director:                                  P. Fuladian - Dahl





Produced with financial support from:


The Swedish Film Institute - Andreas Fock, Commissioning Editor

Film i Skåne - Hanna Sohlberg, Commissioning Editor

Swedish Council for the Arts

And with the participation of:

Filmcentrum Syd


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Festivals and Screenings


Official Selection

2nd Goa Short Film Festival, India

Pixel Short Film Festival, Sweden

A Long Week of Shorts, Shanghai - China

Opuzen Film Festival, Croatia

International Shorts, Washington DC

TV International Film Festival, Montenegro

Pune Short Film Festival, India

Blackbird Film Festival, Cortland, NY

Independent Days Filmfest, Karlsruhe - Germany

Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, Sunderland - UK

Caymen Islands International Film Festival - Caymen Islands

Near Nazareth Festival - Israel

Southway Film Festival - Ukraine

Euro Fest European International Film Festival - Russia

Blow-up Film Festival - Chicago, IL

Five Continents International Film Festival - Venezuela



Cinema Roulette - 27. Filmfest Dresden, Germany

Stile Libero- Skepto International Film Festival, Italy

Frame by Sound Film Festival, Dominican Republic

Kinolit, Russia


Ozark Shorts Monthly Screening Series, Lamar, Missouri


Other events and showcases

MAFF Market Forum 2015 - Short Film Corner, Sweden


An odd take on how feelings and sentiments resist the passage of time.


Daniel’s mother approaches strangers in shopping malls and coaxes them into buying lunch for her. Daniel remembers his mom's strange efforts when he was a child and how he tormented and anxious her misadventures made him.

As Daniel learns to see the world from his mother's perspective, he has to make a choice either to stop her or to try to accept her as she is.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.