The Sea (working title)


In a desolate landscape, a boy has to face the haunt him in order to come to terms with a tragedy that occurred in the past.


LEO (10) spends his time on the sea shore to honour his pledge of finding his sister EMMY. He looks for hidden signs and objects – clues that will lead him to Emmy. This is a game they used to play - their version of hide and seek - but the task is now very urgent, and he is not about to give up. An enigmatic and phantom-like figure stretched out by the surf interrupts Leo’s search. The figure seems to be playing its own game of hide and seek with Leo, sometimes trapping him, sometimes enticing him to move on.

On the horizon, a vessel races towards the coast.  Leo is afraid of the vessel and what the murky inhabitants may be up to.  Racing against the incoming vessel, Leo approaches the dormant figure and realizes it is Emmy’s corpse, washed ashore by the tide. Leo desperately tries to haul her away to safety, buy the visitors from the sea arrive on the vessel and repossess the body of his sister. Soon Leo’s mother comes to his rescue, reminding him that this was all a figment of his imagination. Leo remembers the terrible accident that happened while playing hide and seek with Emmy, the mighty sea that took his sister away, and the blame that fell up on him after her disappearance. He remembers the uniformed strangers combing  sea and land trying to find her. But most importantly, he remembers his promise to never stop searching until she is found.  


A short (horror) film about a childhood trauma and the power of fantasy.


Format:                              Short fiction

Status:                                In development

Est. production date:     Autumn 2017


Writer - Director:             P. Fuladian - Dahl

Producer:                           Maria Stoianova

Character Design:            Ingrid Sarvik

VFX Design:                        Sir Lancelot

Invited to  Interfilm Berlin Script Pitch 2015

                     Brazil International Film Festival 2017 (script competition)

                     Oaxaca Film Festival -  European Eyes 2017 (Script Competition)


An assortment of pictures, drawings and images that will go into the design of the film.

For updates on the development, we may add stuff to the blog section of La Cabeza!

Rendition of story event by kids in the same bracket as the film's protagonist.